Factory Engines

Loma Air is an authorised distributor for Lycoming Engines, Continental Motors Inc. & Superior Air Parts. We are specialised in the sale of Engines & Parts. We can offer you a Factory overhauled, rebuilt or new engine.

Why you should order your Factory Engine at Loma Air:
  - We offer you the best prices.
  - Loma Air has 40+ years of experience in Reciprocating Engines.
  - At Loma Air we value our Customer Relationship.
  - Upon request, we can configure your new Engine to your needs (Accessories, Hoses, Cables, etc...).
  - We help you out with technical after Sales support.
  - We assist you with packaging & transport of your valueable goods.
  - We offer you the choice of currency to settle payments ($ or €).
  - Multilingual Staff.

Please contact us for more details