Vliegschool Hilversum (The Netherlands)

Vliegschool Hilversum Aircraft Maintenance is a subsidiary company of Vliegschool Hilversum, one of the larger PPL flightschools in the Netherlands. We operate a mixed fleet of nine aircraftS with Lycoming or Rotax engines and started as a maintenance provider for our own school. Today we provide maintenance services to a substantial of private owners, clubs and companies at our native Hilversum Aerodrome in the Netherlands. The aircrafts we service are very diverse. They range from single engine Cessna’s and Pipers, Motorgliders, Experimentals, to Autogyros and Ultralights.

For our Lycoming and Continental needs and requests, we have been working closely with Loma Air for the last 14 years or so. We really appreciate the quick service when we are in need of either parts or advice. The quality of the work on the overhauled engines is exceptional and they run flawlessly to TBO and beyond.

We have had the pleasure to visit the new facility in Heist op den Berg and we were impressed by what we saw. A clean, spacious and modern facility, where we are more than happy to send our run-out engines to. It is very clear that An Swiggers has managed to form a close knit team of motivated and skillful staff. We are very much looking forward to our cooperation in the near future.


Dennis Vonk
Vliegschool Hilversum

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