Aircraft Maintenance (Poland)

Going for almost 25 years now, we at IBEX-U.L might be running the first privately held aviation company in Poland. Working mostly with piston Cessnas, but also with many other types of aircraft popular in GA, we provide a wide scope of aviation services – air transportation, flight training, CAMO and, last but not least, aircraft maintenance.

From a simple annual inspection of your 172S to a complex restoration project after a crash landing, we are the place to go to in this corner of Europe, whenever small aircraft maintenance is needed.

And when we need an aircraft engine overhauled, we choose LOMA AIR. What do we like about working with LOMA AIR so much?

Their key benefits:

  • Extensive stock with everything available at hand, from accessories to whole engine blocks
  • Fast lead times
  • Complete test-house available locally, without need of outsourced services
  • Proper certifications and authorizations
  • Great work quality, repeatedly proven by dozens of engines running flawlessly

Jakub Zabowski

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